Professional Translation Services

How We Work

Robots are good for some stuff, but not when it comes to quality translations which need to be accurate, good quality and reliable. That’s why at Translations You Can Trust, every single translation project is completed manually by a professional linguist whose native language is the target language of your translation. It means that those all-important authentic touches make for remarkable translations that can include colloquial idioms, technical jargon or whatever else you need. We really are the experts when it comes to language, so for all your business translations, technical translation work, legal translations or any other language work, we are the online translator of choice.

Our fields of expertise

Website Translation

Your website is like an online shop front, so it is vital that any website translation is of the highest quality to give the right impression to online visitors. At Translations You Can Trust, we provide 100% accurate website translations so that you can provide information to your customers across the globe. Even if your website translation needs to include technical terms, we can cater for every need and we are extremely meticulous. It’s simple – you contact us with your project brief and we get to work right away, whether you need English to Spanish translation, to translate French to English, German to Italian or any other combination of European translations. And it will all be done by a native speaker with exceptional skill and years of experience in English.

Legal Translation Services

Legal Translation

Legal translation is a specialist area of online translation and at Translations You Can Trust, we have native speakers and specialist legal translators from across Europe who have expertise and experience in legal translation services. This expert service is specifically designed to include technical legal terminology, and our legal translators have backgrounds in law as well as exceptional linguistic skill. Professionalism and accuracy is of utmost importance to us, and we are able to help you translate whatever your requirements. Our outstanding quality, ability to meet tight deadlines, accuracy, high levels of customer service and affordable charges are what makes us top choice for legal firms and individuals across the globe.

Technical Translation

When it comes to technical translation, you need a reliable, highly skilled, professional and trusted translator to complete the task in hand. Technical jargon is a specialist area when it comes to translation, and at Translations You Can Trust, we have translators from all over Europe with backgrounds in a wide range of expert fields who have all been carefully handpicked for their language skills, experience and technical backgrounds. Whether you need medical translation, engineering translation, IT translation, professional translation, business translations or translation of technical documents and manuals, we can help. We have been providing technical translation services and online technical translation for businesses and individuals worldwide from many years and have a reputation for quality, accuracy and incomparable prices.

Technical Arabic Translation Services in UAE
Medical Translation

Medical Translation

If you need expert medical translation services without borders, Translations You Can Trust are on hand. We understand that needing or having medical services abroad can be daunting, but our panel of carefully selected expert linguists include a number of medically and pharmaceutically trained language experts who can provide medical translation solutions effectively. We also provide medical translations for business and public sector organisations and our linguists are fully conversant in this specialist field, with an ability to translate even the most technical medical terminology in many languages.

Video Translation

Translations You Can Trust can help you to allow your customers, clients and business associates to watch videos in another language with our quality video translation service. We are also able to provide a multilingual transcription service and can transcribe videos in English, Spanish, Italian, French and German. Whether you have a video for customers on your website, an educational video, a business video or any other video that you need to be translated, our exceptionally skilled linguists can provide accurate and quality video translation with quick turnarounds and at great prices. We are trusted globally for our high quality translation services and our highly skilled and experienced online translators, and we receive outstanding feedback from our clients worldwide.

Translation Services
Proofreading Services


Need to check the quality of text or content? We are able to provide professional proofreading in Spanish, Italian, French, English and German and can check for grammatical and spelling errors, as well as checking the accuracy of translations that have been done elsewhere*. Proofreading requires accuracy, time and care and our panel of linguists and language experts are extremely meticulous, delivering exceptional results with every project. We can provide proofreading in a range of European languages with outstanding accuracy and quality, including text books, essays, business documents, technical manuals and documents, website content, articles and all forms of written text.

File Formats

Microsoft Office Translation

We are able to offer translation to and from documents in all Microsoft Office programs, including Microsoft Word translation, Microsoft Excel translation, email translation in Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Publisher translation, Microsoft PowerPoint translation and all other Microsoft documents.

Subtitle File Translation

Translations You Can Trust can provide translations for subtitles, and we are able to offer subtitle translations in subtitle file format allowing you to provide text translation on videos in foreign languages.

Video File Translations

We can provide video translations in an array of video file formats, including .avi translation, .mkv translation, .mp4 translation and more.

Audio File Translation

If you are in need of translation of audio files or multilingual transcription, we can provide these and offer translation of various audio file formats including wav, mp3, FLAC and MPEG-4.