Frequently Asked Questions

I need my website/document/video translated, how does it work?

Translations You Can Trust is very simple and straightforward; just go to our translation service home page, select the source and target languages, upload your file and select the translation type you want. That's all there is to it! We will come back to you with a quote within 24 hours.
You can also sign up and order your translation from your own account! We will tell you when the translation starts and how long it will take to finish.

I would like to have documents translated regularly, how can I do that?

Simply sign up with us! You'll get your own account, from which you can order your translations, as often as you wish. You can even have the same translator for each of your translations, for consistency. You'll also get discounts for repeat business and for big files.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up by clicking on the "Sign Up" button at the top right corner of the page.

What languages do you cover?

Please see our Supported Languages page to see all the languages we translate into and from.

Why should I use TYCT?

Translations You Can Trust offers high-quality, fast, 24/7 professional translation service at fair price. If you need fast, quality translation of any document, email, blog post or anything else at an affordable price, Translations You Can Trust is for you.
Our community of professional translators will provide high-quality translation for any document in many languages.

Why use Translations You Can Trust instead of a freelance translator?

One Hour Translation has some clear advantages compared to working directly with freelancers:

- All of our translators pass a quality certification and verification process.
- We check translation quality after each and every project, so we only have high-quality translators.
- We guarantee your satisfaction. If you are not pleased with the results, Our Quality Control Team will check the matter ASAP, and if needed, we will find another translator to do the job at no extra cost.
- Translators who work with us have a long-term commitment, beyond a single project, thus they have a stronger incentive to do a good job.
- With us, a translator usually starts working on the project right away, so there’s no need to wait.
- Once a translator starts working, you know exactly when the translation is going to be ready.
- We have a Translation + Proofreading option where an additional, independent translator checks the translation of the first translator.
- Our prices are very competitive.

Can you handle professional translations (i.e. medical translation, legal translation, technical translation etc.)?

Yes. This type of translations is called Expert Translation. For more information about Expert Translation, click here.

I have a question that is not on your FAQ - how can I get an answer?

Please contact us and we will answer your questions as soon as possible.

Can I receive the translation as subtitles?

Yes, when uploading your project, simply add a Note asking for the format you need (.srt, etc.).

How does One Hour Translation guarantee satisfaction?

To guarantee satisfaction, we invest a lot of effort and focus on translation quality, speed and first-class customer service. We want each and every customer to be happy with the translation they get so they will come back and use the service again.
You may contact us with any issue at any time; we will do everything possible to make sure you get the best service.

What if I'm not satisfied with the results?

The procedure we follow ensures your satisfaction. Before the translator is paid, you can review a sample of his/her translation and ask for corrections or improvements. If you are still not satisfied with the results after you paid, we reallocate the project to a different translator at no additional cost.

How do I know I’m getting quality translation?

Translations You Can Trust invests a lot of effort in screening the translators who join our community and in monitoring the quality of their work on a regular basis after each and every translation job. In addition, using our quality-verification technology, we can detect and deal with potential translation quality issues in good time. On top of that, we recommend that you translate using Translation + Proofreading so two professional translators will handle your text

Are translators bound by a non-disclosure agreement?

All of our translators are bound by a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) as part of the terms and conditions they sign before beginning to work with us.

Who sees the documents for translation?

The text/documents you submit to translation are viewed only by the translator and by the translator doing the proofreading if you select Translation + Proofreading.

How can I pay?

You can pay with Paypal, credit card or a bank transfer.

Where can I find my invoices?

You can find all your invoices in your account, with your original document, sample translation and once you've paid your invoice, you'll get access to your entire translation.